In Summer of 2011, I Am They participated in a contest held at the annual Spirit West Coast Festival. Placing first in the "Worship" category and receiving the highest ratings out of the 73 participating bands, I Am They was prized with a free "single" recorded and produced by Billy Smiley at his studio home in Nashville. 

.... all WE had to do was raise the money to get there ... 

Months later, with much support from our friends, fans, and church families, we finally made it to


We spent a week experiencing the 

musical culture, beautiful scenic routes, and 

more importantly... their incredible food!

On our way to nashville 

While in Nashville, we recorded our new song titled, "Satellite". The song was birthed out of Psalm 139 - speaking about the sovereign beauty of the Lord and His boundless knowledge of each of us as individuals.  

Nashville's finest grub

Playing at Provident Records

We had the privilege of recording with top-of-the-line musicians such as: Kenny Lewis (drums), Blair Masters (keys), and George Cocchini (electric guitar). We were humbled at the sight of each award and/or g

old record that decorated the walls of their home studios. None of us would have expected to work alongside such talented musicians. We were truly blessed and each of us learned so much through the recording process. 

After everyone added their own musical touch to the song, the single came out as a work of art each band member was individually proud of.

And the blessings only continued! ...

After the recording was finished, Billy offered to be our aid and means of contact inside the Christian music industry while we were still in Nashville. He set up meetings with 5 of the top Christian music labels: Word, Centricity, EMI, Fairtrade, and Provident 

Records. We've NEVER been more nervous OR excited! Each label allowed us to play three songs, and we were blessed to receive positive and encouraging feedback from all of them. It was a wild experience, but it gave us lots of guidance for the future of our ministry in music.

Downtown Nashville 

Proverbs 16:3,9 says:

"Commit your works to the 



And your thoughts will be established.

A man’s heart plans his way,

But the 


 directs his steps"

As we have faithfully served God with our talents and gifts, GOD has been the One to move us forward in ministry and open doors that only He could open.

Our singular desire is to remain 

focused on glorifying God in all 

that we say, do, and think. 


is the author of creativity and


breathes the life into each melody and song we lay at His feet! 

We're just along for the ride He is taking us on!