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There’s no more powerful instrument for praising God and celebrating His majesty than

the human voice. Where compelling voices intersect with a passion for spreading the

gospel is where you’ll find I AM THEY, a gifted young band from Carson City, Nevada

that is redefining discipleship for today’s generation.


“We were made to do this. Music ministry is our heartbeat and pulse,” says lead

vocalist/guitarist Adam Palmer. “God has been growing dreams in us we didn’t even

realize we had. We are just trusting God and following where He leads.”

The six-member band includes Adam Palmer on lead vocals and guitar, Matthew Hein

on lead vocals and guitar and Abbie Parker on lead vocals, Justin Shinn on keys,

Bobby Stiehler on bass, and Sara Palmer on drums. Together they’ve forged an organic

sound that is fresh and inventive musically while serving up songs that are easily

embraced in a corporate setting yet have the personal feel of one heart crying out to the Father.


I AM THEY’S debut single, “From the Day,” is a buoyant anthem that is quickly

gaining the band a national audience. “‘From the Day’ is a salvation celebration song,”

says Matt. “There’s great testimony of salvation in one form or another in all of our lives

so we are lifting up those celebrations. We had to have a song that was getting excited

about what God has done in our souls everlasting, the eternal part of us. Some of the

lyrics came out of Revelation 21 speaking of heaven where brilliant light is all around

and it says there’s no need for a sun because Jesus Himself takes the place of that shining light.”


The members of I AM THEY came from different churches in Carson City, NV, but

met through Solomon’s Porch, a regular worship event that brings together believers

from all over the city. “In this area it’s over ninety percent un-reached in Nevada,” says

Adam. “So the people at our churches are desperate to see God move and to know Him

and meet Him. There are pockets of really small churches. There are not very many large

churches at all. We just thought it would be important for those small churches to be

unified in what they’re doing in the community. That was Solomon’s Porch’s vision, to unify everyone.


From leading worship at Solomon’s Porch, the talented band of like-minded musicians

found themselves gravitating toward forming a band and decided on the name I AM

THEY. After tossing around a number of ideas the group landed on this unique namesake. Not much later, 

while reading in her devotions, Sara came across John 17. In this chapter Jesus is praying for His disciples, 

she quickly realized that all throughout the chapter He refers to His disciples as "they"; praying things like 

‘That they may be one. They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.’ The band immediately fell in love 

with the idea. "It's like another way of saying 'I am a disciple of Christ!" says Matt. "We’re here for the same 

purpose, on the same mission, with the same calling. And that is bringing people to the Lord and

spreading the news of the Gospel to people. We really wanted to incorporate that into our

mission as a band, saying that anybody who is a believer in Christ is a ‘They.’ They are a

disciple as well so we can stand together in that and really bring people into the ‘ I AM

THEY’ family because we are all family in Christ.”


With a finely honed sense of purpose and armed with an abundance of talent, the band

began making a name for itself. They opened for Matthew West, Chris August, Todd

Agnew, Bebo Norman, Brandon Heath, Big Daddy Weave and others. A pivotal step in I

AM THEY’S career came when they entered a battle of the bands competition being held

during the Spirit West Coast festival. Much to their surprise, they won. “God just kept

opening these doors for us,” says Adam. “In front of the main stage right before

TobyMac went on, they announced that I AM THEY had won the whole competition out

of seventy-three bands. The prize was $500 to get to Nashville and have a song produced

by Billy Smiley from Whiteheart. We also earned a spot to play on next year’s main

stage. We were excited and thankful for the opportunity, but $500 was not near enough to

get us from Nevada all the way over to Tennessee. So we had a fund raiser concert and

through our community’s support, got all six of us to Nashville.”


Once in the studio working with Smiley, the veteran producer was so impressed with

the band’s sound and their hearts that he began sharing their music with friends in the

industry. Soon after I AM THEY was fielding offers from several record companies and

opted to sign with Provident Music Group. Produced by Jason Ingram and Jonathan

Smith, I AM THEY’S debut album is a finely crafted effort that spotlights the band’s

skilled musicianship and showcases Stephanie, Adam, and Matt’s individuals strengths as

vocalists. The collection of songs also draws from the band members’ diverse musical

influences which include Nickel Creek, Alison Krauss, John Mayer and Brooke Fraser.

Their unique blend of folk-tinged pop with soaring harmonies and insightful lyrics puts

them on the cutting edge of today’s Christian music landscape.


In writing songs for their debut, the members put a great deal of thought and heart into

what they wanted to convey. “Mike Weaver from Big Daddy Weave said we were like a

fire hose of creativity and needed to hone that in and point it in one direction,” Matt

shares. “We’ve been told that we have a lot of stories in our band meaning testimonies of

Christian life. The six of us have had kind of a rough up bringing. There’s broken

families, just some dark things that God has rescued us from so I think those things

naturally poured themselves out into these songs. There are songs of rescue. There are

songs of adoration. There’s worship in the album, but to me it’s not necessarily a

congregational worship album.”


The album’s opener “We Are Yours” is a jubilant celebration of our relationship with

God that showcases the band's distinctive vocals and powerful

three-part harmonies. That continues throughout the album on such potent songs as the infectious

“Awake My Love” and the tender ballad “Here’s My Heart.” “Over and Over” is a

standout cut that was inspired by a girl named Alicia who helped lead Adam to Christ. 

“She intervened in my life perfectly and on the exact right day and it changed my

eternity,” says Adam. “I was intending to carry out the final deed [suicide] that very day

and God sent this young girl who just loved fearlessly and was brave and she spoke worth

and life into me and it got my attention. It grabbed my heart.”


God is opening new doors for I AM THEY and the band is walking through prayerfully

and expectantly. “It feels like as we’ve gone on this journey and we’ve walked into

places we never thought we would walk into,” adds Matt. “I just feel like God has called

us to just hold that standard in John 17. Just like in that prayer as He’s saying, ‘Set them

apart and make them holy,’ God challenges us along the way to hold that line and to hold

that standard up. It’s a privilege for us as a band to do that, to look a little different, to try

and really stand out as followers of Christ. We want to let the words from our lips and let

our actions and our character stand out among whatever church we walk into or wherever

we might be. And that’s our goal--- to really let people see Christ in the band, not just to

look like a band, but look like disciples.”




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